Who We Are

Dwam Medical Training Company (DM) is a Saudi company that provides several educational, training and consultation platforms that bring best practices at each HR development level and empowers working teams, It caters best safety measures to client entities and professional emergency care training weather it is medical, militant or industrial in addition to a premium collection of training courses for business and corporate HR.

To be the leading training company in emergency and military medical field in the region
Adapting best standards with top international accreditors.
Handing client sustainable and self dependent solutions.​
Diversification in a comprehensive look for individual and entity needs.​
Measuring training success by Realtime trainee improvement.​
Our Edge
Partnering top accreditation bodies internationally which insures best practices, quality and great outcomes
Our instructors
Our instructors has been selected and attracted carefully to ensure having the elite training team, most of our instructors are accreditors as well.
DM offers over 50
DM offers over 50 different training and accredited programs that caters to emergency medicine, military medical emergencies, safety and HR development in general